Black And White Party – Organizing A Posh Memorable Black & White College Party

It Is More Than What To Wear To A Black And White Party. Glam It Up With The Right Dress, Decor, Air & Attitude

A Black and White party is a great choice for a college party. Cut a dash in the consciousness of your guest and make everything black and White.

No. Not college parties alone. Black White party idea is suitable for all age and class, especially if you wish to organize a very posh event. From birthday parties to polical parties. 50th Anniversaries. And of course there are black and white weddings!

College life is full of parties and events, most of which are wild and noisy, but certain occasions call for a party that is more stylish than the usual ones. By restricting the color scheme to black and white you can ensure that the party looks very sophisticated and stylish.

Needless to say, you’ll need to do quite a bit of planning before the party in order to ensure that it exceeds your expectations. Thankfully, this party is very easy to organize and you will not have to work too hard to bring everything together. As a matter of fact, you can be sure that your friends will beg you to organize more parties when they experience this party first-hand!

Black And White Party – How To Do Up The Venue

It’s fairly easy to decorate the venue for a Black and White party. Get balloons and streamers in these colors and remove all traces of other colors from the room. You can also pick up plates, glasses and napkins in either color (or with both of them) in order to go with the theme.

The room will suddenly look stylish when all the arrangements are in place. If you wish, you could use checkerboard patterns or zebra prints in black and white to give the room a special look.

Polka dots are also very attractive looking as long as they do not overpower the venue. You could also do up the place with B&W; photos of your college events or any other topic that you know will be of interest to your friends.

Black And White Party – What to WearIt is fairly easy to dress up for a Black and White themed college party since everybody invariably possesses clothes in these colors. You can leave it up to them to dress formally or casually if you are not particular about this. Of course, if your theme has a specific focus, the 1920s for instance, or Michael Jackson’s Black or White, then you ought to say so in your party invitations. There is nothing people hate more than to turn up at a party in the wrong clothes. Black And White Party – What To ServeIf you are specific that your party has to be a very stylish one then it does not make sense to serve beer. There are quite a few cocktails that are white in color. You could also serve large quantities of Cuba Libre, as Rum and Coke is known.

Sandwiches are a safe option for party food, although Sushi will also be greatly appreciated. An Oreo Cookie Cheesecake will be the perfect dessert for this theme party. It is good to make sure that the colors of the food match with your theme but you do not necessarily have to stick with it. After all, people are willing to bend the rules a little bit especially when it comes to the food they eat. Black and White Party – Invitations Don’t forget to send out really attractive invitations that will grab the attention of the people you are inviting.

You can easily create them on your computer using templates. Don’t forget to include important information such as date, venue and dress code. If you can ensure that your guests have a great time at your party you can be sure that all other parties you throw will have record attendance. You will quickly become famous as the most happening party person on the campus.