College Beach Party

College beach party is a party that everybody wants to attend because the party is always fun. In this party; the guests dance on sand with their bathing suits and also play games. College beach party can be one of the greatest party themes depending on how it is organized even if you use the beach or house as the location of the party. It is necessary that you send Invitations to your friends and let them know the party costume.

In this type of party theme college boys and girls normally dress in their bathing suits. That is the costume of beach party. If some of your friends can’t dress on this costume that does not mean that they are not eligible to attend the party. Beach party is designed to make the atmosphere reflect its environment i.e. the beach. Be sure to inform your friends beforehand and in advance so that they will be able to prepare themselves for the D day.

What do you do if you want to organise a college beach party and there is no beach around or you can’t afford to organise it within a beach? Well that is not a problem, you can always improvise, you can organise it in a location with lot of sand and make use of the same costume.

If you can’t afford the party in a beach area, just get baby pools, beach balls and you will need lots of sand. You need to spread at least 3 inches of sand in the yard that is only if want to host the party in your house. This will create the beach party theme in the mind of your invitees.

You can have a wonderful beach party irrespective of your choice of location (beach or house). Just get a good beach party idea and start planning your party at least 4 weeks to the party. Before sending the invitation; enclose the list of what you want your guest to bring with them (i.e sunglasses, if possible you can provide it for them) and let them know the party costume.

The following are some important tips to make that day great for your guest, make sure you pay attention to each of them, they can add to the quality of your party.

  • Location: Decide on where you want to have the college beach party either off-beach or your home. Either way is not bad, the party can still be fun in any location you choose. If you want to throw the party in your house, just make the environment beach-like.
  • Decoration: Makes event lively and fun but it has to be the right color and material. It is also important you know how to combine colors. Some colors might not match the beach party theme so be careful in picking colors. You can design your basement or yard in a way that the guest feel it’s really college beach party. You might want to ask ‘How can I do that? Simply get things that can make it beach-like such as baby pool, water gun, beach ball and so on.
  • Party Theme: This aspect is not that difficult, just give the party a theme and let the guest know. This will help you select the right costume and also when deciding on the right design for the location.
  • Entertainment also provides fun, enjoyment and laughter. There are so many ways you can entertain the guest. We will consider two that you cannot do away with in a college beach party which are music and games.
  • Beach music: beach music comprises of the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s musical styles and instrumental music. You can get the best beach songs for the party by doing more research on beach music.
  • Beach games: this makes the party more exciting (such as beach ball) and make sure the games are related to the beach theme.
  • Food and drinks: If you wish to prepare the food or you want it to be prepared by caterer; it should not be a heavy food. There should be enough drinks of different variety. You have to ensure the safety of your guests. No driving when drunk.

Dont forget that each of the tips discused above are very relevant for your party. Do not undermind them. Stay focus, make your day a big one. Have fun.