College Birthday Party

You can organize a college birthday party either you are in college or has graduated from college. There are many ways of celebrating birthday of which college party is one. Throwing a college birthday party can be really fun because college life is so fun. For you to have a nice party you will have to plan well and it’s also important that you choose a theme.

It is necessary that the party host give the party a theme which includes your choice of costumes and foods, this happens to be the most difficult part. Know how much you are willing to spend on the party, it simply means that you have to plan your budget.
Are you looking forward to have a great college birthday party? Here are some Ideas on how to plan your party

  • Choose a location: think of the best location for the party. A good location creates a nice atmosphere for party and makes it more exciting. Birthday can be celebrated in a house, school or anywhere else but the environment should be good for partying.
  • Choose a date: the day of the party doesn’t have to be the real date of the celebrant birth day; it can be move forward or backward a little, just make sure you choose the right date that will be convenient for your guests.
  • Guests list: try to list the names of people you are inviting like your college mates and you can also invite your friends from high school.
  • Choose a theme: this can be difficult or easy depending on how you see it. Choosing a theme makes it easier to decoration the location. Remember you have to think of the theme which will make your guests happy and excited before you make your choice.
  • Send invitations: your invitations should be sent out at least two weeks to the party. It can be sent inform of cards if it’s a big party, you can also send the invitation through e-mail or facebook for a small party. You can use the school online store to send note-cards or invitations of the college birthday party to colleagues.
  • Decoration: the colour for balloons, banners and any other decorating material for birthday party are considered based on the type of theme chosen. Creating a costume for the party depends on your ability to mix and match colours.
  • Party music: play something your guests will love, songs that are easy to dance to. This part too has to go with the selected theme; for instance, if toga party theme is chosen, your choice of song should be similar or close to the ancient Rome or Greece songs.
  • Food and drinks: any food can be served in this party; it can be burgers or hotdogs. Try to range the number of guests that will be attending the party so as to know the quantity of food that will be provided. College birthday parties can be fun and interesting but when alcohol is involved, the entire guest has to be reminded to drink responsibly. It doesn’t mean you shouldn’t provide alcohol but watch what the guests drink for their safety.

College birthday party is to honour the celebrant and presents gifts. It also provides an atmosphere for fun, laughter, games and meeting new friends. The decoration, music, foods and drinks are all connected to the party theme.