College Graduation Party – A Memorable Party

College graduation party is a dream come through party for college students. It can be done individually or in group, the party shows that the students(graduates) have finished their college studies and celebrate their success. The party is organized by the school to celebrate the students graduating from the school. It can also be organized by parents or students to congratulate their fellow students and have some fun.

Do want to throw an elaborate college graduation party? As a host that want a very nice party; you need to think of what the graduates like and how they would want the party. Try to talk to some students and ask some questions. Throwing a party is a big task, but we’ll help you make it easy. Here are some college graduation party ideas and tips for throwing a memorable party.

  1. You don’t have to do the planning yourself; discuss about the party with some student’s that are socially active and tell them the activities you have in mind. Those students might know how their fellow students will love the party to be organized which will help you.
  2. Choose a date that will be okay for people to attend the party. Check the school calendar to be sure another event is not scheduled for the date and it shouldn’t be during the holidays.
  3. Choose a location that will be very nice for the party. It can be done in the school or in a home depending on how you want it but don’t forget that the environment has to be good for partying.
  4. Send the invitations at least 7 weeks to the party so as to give the guests enough time to think about it. If you send it late, your invitations might be turned down because your guests might have taken invitation to another party on that same date. So if you want a college graduation party with lots of guests, send the invitation early.
  5. Decorating the location is not difficult; you’ll need banners, balloons and linen. Try and get the banners from your school (if the party is outside the school), the linen and balloons should be in the school colours. The linen will be used to decorate the table.
  6. Make a nice and easy food that can be made before the party like snacks and also make available alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. Leave the food and drinks where it can be easily reached.
  7. Put gift giving in the activities when planning the college graduation party. It can be in a form of gift exchange among the guests, from one guest to another.
  8. Make a book or video memoir of the celebrant from childhood for the guests to see. Some of the celebrant pictures can be put in frames and place on a table. Another thing you can do is to put blank book outside for guests to write their advice to the celebrant.
  9. The weather might be too cold at the time of the party, so why not try a bonfire to keep the guests warm. Bonfire makes the location more beautiful and fun.

Throwing a college graduation party can stressful but a lot easier when you start the planning at least 2 months. You can host an elaborate party filled with fun that will thrill the guests.