College Graffiti Party

In College Graffiti party, all guests wear white shirts (plain shirts) and use markers probably provided by the host to write something on their shirts. In general, College Graffiti parties are combination of graffiti party and black light graffiti party. Let us get a close look on the two types of college graffiti parties: graffiti party and black light graffiti party but before that; have you ever wonder what graffiti means? Read on and you will get it.

The word Graffiti is the literal name for words scratched, images, paint or mark in any form on either personal or somebody else’s property. It is a kind of public marking written in simple words to make the property written on more beautiful. Graffiti started existence in the ancient times. 30,000 BCE was the earliest graffiti in a structure of ancient cave paintings and representing words with pictography (communicating to people by means of pictures and drawings) making use of pigments and strong animal bones as writing instruments: but now spray paints, highlighters and markers are the major and common material used for graffiti.

Graffiti has different impact in the society of today’s world compare to the ancient graffiti which shows love statements, wise saying (words of thought) and also used in asking political rhetoric questions.

College Graffiti Party

Graffiti party is a college party theme love and enjoyed by college students, where all the college students attending the party put on a clean and plain white T-shirts. At the party, they pick up a marker and starting to write on each other’s shirt. The words written on the shirts is called public expression that people reads, some are funny words. The party get more fun when its night, lots of drinking and the writing get more exciting. It is a day you won’t want to forget a memorable one for that matter. If you are hosting a graffiti party, try to provide the guests with markers that can easily be wash off or else your guests might not attend your graffiti party if you wish to host it another time. Try as much as possible to make the day a memorable day for your invited guests.

College Black Light Graffiti Party

A black light is an ultra violet light in form of a lamp that emits electromagnetic radiation. Either the glass envelope of the lamp or the lamp enclosure in some black lights has an optical filter in order to reduce the emission of visible light and pass desired parts of the ultraviolet spectrum; that is where a highlighter comes in. A highlighter is a pen used to draw people’s attention to the written words by writing/marking with a bright and clear colour.

In this kind of party, there will be so many black lights and different highlighter colours. The highlighter also shines on skin but only when the person is under the black light. If you are hosting this party, try to be watchful because dark place brings bad behaviour and you know that you are to ensure the guests safety.

Do you want to throw a college graffiti party? Below are some tips to guide

  • Choose a nice and lovely location
  • Have several black lights, and make available highlighters for everybody that can be easily clean off.
  • Gets some cups for drink but it should be plastic cups because college graffiti party is rough party
  • You can protect your wall from staining by putting papers on the wall and remove it after the college graffiti party.

You can have a very interesting party if you follow the above tips. And don’t forget to make provision for highlighter or marker to the guests.