College Halloween Party

A College Halloween party is a party where college colleagues wear costumes and meets new friends. The costume each person wears has a meaning. There are many college parties celebrated by college students and college Halloween is one of the best.

Halloween in general is an interesting party filled with various activities. The party is only once a year and it’s always on the 31st of October. In this party; the guest practice joke (known as prank), visit haunted attraction, watch scary movie, and tell each other stories but a scary one.

Halloween party is a dream party for children. This Halloween party activity is called ‘Trick or Treat’ and is children that participate. They dress in their Halloween costume and knock at their neighbours’ door in order to receive treat like sweets or money. The householder is asked a particular question ‘Trick or Treat’.

People all over the world celebrate Halloween party. Even college students host Halloween party usually called College Halloween party. The party will have a party theme, where the entire guest wears costumes that are related to the theme which makes it more fun.

The Origin of Halloween

Halloween! Halloween!! Have you ever thought of the meaning and how it came about? Right! Just read on and you will found your answer.

The name “Halloween” was first confirmed in the 16th century. The full name in Scottish is ‘All-Hallows-Even’ which means the night before All Hallows Days. Hallow itself means holy or saint; so All Hallows Day simply means Mass day of all saint. In 1556, the word All Hallows Even was declared to exist.

The origin name of Halloween (Halloween party) came into existence in 1556. As the years goes by; people started thinking of how to make the D day more fun, so started developing symbols and artefact(s) that are related to Halloween. In 1837 the pumpkins carved in American tradition was formerly used in harvest time until it was change around late 19th century to Halloween.

Halloween Party Tips

Consider the following tips if you wish to have a wonderful Halloween party filled with fun and happiness.

  • Mind what you wear: The idea of Halloween costume is to be creative with the mind of creating a scaring environment and designed after some scary figures. The common and good colors for college Halloween party costume are orange and black.
  • Get your costume ready as early as you can and it should be a comfortable one. Try to look good in your costume. That you are wearing a costume does not mean you can’t look good; it all depends on your choice of costume.
  • There are so many activities in college Halloween party that can make it more fun for the people at the party such as games. Halloween party games may include walnut shell and apple bobbing. Halloween party games create an atmosphere for fun and laughter.
  • Visiting Haunted attractions can also make your party more exciting and fun. Why not visit one? The Haunted attraction area are designed with intention to make you delight and scared. As a host with few guests, you can take them to the haunted attraction venue.
  • The food served in college Halloween party should be related to the party, Halloween has a special food served. Different country with different Halloween party food. In Britain, Scotland, and North American the food is Bonfire toffee, candy apples and candy corn respectively.

College Halloween party is a day college students look forward to. In the party, college girls and college boys wear funny costume, tell each other scary stories or watch scary movies, and play games. They have fun, drink and meet new friends. Don’t forget that your costume should be easy to read meaning to. People should be able to figure out what you are trying to portrait. Get a costume that will look good on you, this is very important to note.