College Party Games – The Right Time to Have Fun

College party games are a very good way of giving your party a great start, it helps the guests to meet new friends and blend with the people not familiar with before the party.

If there are no games in the college party, then the party is not complete yet; if you want to have fun include some college party games.

It’s not a do away activity, it must be included. If you are hosting a college party, while planning after you have create your budget — to know how much you are willing to spend or able to afford, then choose a theme for the party — it may require that the guests wear costume which makes it more fun and amazing.

Also choose a location, date and plan the food and decoration, after you have done all these, then choose one or two games that is related with the theme and think of the games your guests would likely love.

College party games involve more than one participant and there are different types of games that can be played in a party. If it’s a team game, it can start with the team group introducing themselves to each other called the ice breaker.

We’ll give you the list of some party games ideas for college students and you can also choose from it the ones you love and best go with your choice of theme.

College Party Games Ideas

College Party Drinking Games

A College drinking party may involve a drinking competition by daring each other on how many cups of drinks they can take at a time.

The party tends to be more fun as the game goes on; and the best drinks to use for this game are juice, water and milk.

Some resort to the use of alcohol. This is a decision for the party organiser, as long as safety issues are taken care of.

Though you could use a college drinking party as an avenue to test your mate’s resilence, there are other fun ways of enjoying a college drinking party. One of such ways is to get dug into a college party drinking game. Popular college party drining games include:

  • Beer Pong Portable Game
  • So Many Beers 1000 pieces Puzzle
  • Russian Roulette Revolver Drinking Game – Blue

Spin the bottle

This university or college party game requires quiet a number of participants between the range of 8 to 15 persons. They sit in a circular form and put one person at the middle of the circle to start the game by spinning the bottle.

A prototype of a college spin the bottle game is the well known Electronic Spin the Bottle Game. This is how the game works: the person at the middle spins the bottle, works towards the pointing of the bottle and then kisses him/her;
The person kissed takes turn to spin the bottle and it goes on like that. Enjoy the game and feel the excitement.

Balloon Mania

In the party where this kind of game is to be played, the entire guests are divided into two groups or teams.

A balloon is given to each one of them, place the balloon on their foreheads without falling and one person who is not from any of the team gives action commands such as moving or jumping so as see if any of the team drop the balloon and this person is called the commander.

As the game goes on, the team that drop the balloon is out of the game but the outstanding team wins the game.

Marco polo

Is a game of traders and caravan drivers into the hubs of Asian world. This kind of game has been replaced by another most interesting college game of Qwirkle Board Game. These kind of games are one of the best games for college pool party.

The main objective of the game is not to be caught by “Marco or It”. The players are in the pool while the person chosen as “It or Marco” closes his/her eyes and shout aloud “Marco” and the rest in the pool will respond with “Polo”. The “It” therefore traces the direction of the respond, whoever is caught becomes the next “It”.

The guests in the pool must not leave the pool, but if the “Marco” thinks that someone is out of the pool, “It” may say “fish out of water” aloud; and if it’s true that someone is out of the pool, then the person becomes the next “It” and it continues like that till the end of the game.

Two to Tango

The “Two to Tango Board Game”. This is a couple’s wish box game primarily, but has found exciting place in a college pool party. Pairs can play to share wonderful new things together. Each of you brings different interests and preferences to your relationship – for one it’s a romantic, candlelit dinner, the other a backyard barbecue. The guests are split into groups of couples. Clothes are lay down for couples to stand on it and dance while a music is being played.

As the music stop, the couples are expected to fold the cloth in half and continue dancing without stepping out of the cloth. The music stop again after sometime and the cloth is folded and the music continue, the couples dancing on the folded cloth.

If the couple leg stays outside the cloth, they are out of the game and the last couple standing will be confirm the winner.

Honey I Love You

This is a very interesting and common game, in this game the guests sit in a circle and one person at the middle.

Here are the game rules — the person at the middle will go to anyone among the people in the circle and say to him/her Honey, I love you, won’t you smile for me? Or Honey, I love you, won’t you give me a smile? And the person supposes to respond back with Honey, I love you, but I can’t smile and should not smile but if the person smiles he/she is out of the game.

College Party Games, have a nice time with the other players and have fun.