College Pool Party

College pool party is a party for you to relax your mind and have some fun. Clear your mind off anything boring you just relax and feel the excitement and fun of a college pool party. In this party, the invitees swim in a pool with their bathing suits. College students love this party so much because it’s a time for them to catch some fun and meet new friends. Do you wish to throw a thrilling pool party? Then here are some party ideas to help you


Send perfect and beautiful invitations to give your party a great start before the party actually start. You can send printable invitations or you can make it yourself in a design that shows that it’s a college pool party. It is very necessary to tell the invitees in the invitations to come with their bathing suit, towels and Sunscreen (to protect against sunburn) if you can’t make provision for it.

You can send sunglasses in different colours to the invitees in form of invitation but write your party details (such as date, time, location and host’s name) on an attractive card and attach it to the glasses with a ribbon.

You can also send flip flop invitations; use a thick colourful paper stock known as pasteboard and give your invitation a flip flop shape and write or print your college pool party details such as the date, time and location of the party. If you like, you can get invitation suppliers to make and supply you flip flop pool party invitations.


Decorate the location in a way that shows its pool party. Set up a tent just in case the weather changes and if the guests need to sit and chart with their friend. Make colorful decoration round the chairs and hang up balloons of different colors around the tent. For more fun, you can make your party a pool party with bubbles, also make beach balls available for your guests to play while in the pool. Make your party more fabulous and fun by setting up dining table and four chairs in the middle of the pool.


There are varieties of food that are perfect for this kind of party but they have to be light and fresh. Here are some ideas for pool party food

  • Party Cake
  • Pepperoni Spinach Quiche
  • Spinach Pasta Salad with hot Dog
  • Tropical Guacamole
  • Grilled chicken pizzas: this is good for small pool party
  • Mediterranean Salad
  • Jell-O with gummy fish

Always serve frozen drinks with umbrella straws because your guests will like cold drinks during summer pool party. Do not serve alcohol to the guests swimming.


Play beach songs or classical music and position a stereo system and speaker close to the pool for more effective sound. Create a playlist of songs that are perfect for this party such as the legend by Bob Marley.


Get your guests engage in various activities and games. Some of the best games for pool party include cannonball competition, pool volleyball, Marco polo, dive for coins, and water gun game for splashing water on each other. Also arrange for indoor activities just in case there is change in weather.

Party favours

While your guests are leaving, give them something special that will always bring the memory of the party like a bag with some items such as sunglasses, bubbles, photos taken at the party, sunscreen, the collective CD of the party songs. Send them away with the gift as way of saying thank you for coming. Make the party memorable for the entire guests and give out something that is attach to the pool party.

Don’t forget to be creative in your decoration and make everywhere beautiful for a memorable party. You can set up a table where it can be easily reached by the guests, cover it with bright yellow linen and place the food on it. Make proper use of your time in school and don’t miss the social life because once you graduate you can’t go back to that moment. Pool party a great party full of fun; enjoy it and have a nice time.