College Toga Party

A college Toga Party is one of the best parties celebrated by college students.
In this party all guests wear toga costumes which are usually made from bed sheets and scandals. Can you imagine how interesting the party will be? Yea it’s always fun and exciting.

The year 1953, Pomona college students held a college toga party and all the students wore togas. It was the first recorded college toga party.
Toga was shown in Animal House film in the year 1978, since then toga party has been popular to the public.

Though The Pump House Gang story of 1968 written by Tom Wolfe also feature toga party but different and the party became known by Animal House film.

This well-known party among the student is an imitation of the ancient Rome and Greece parties. It is one of the easiest parties and the best idea party for college students. Toga Party theme is a party commonly known among college students and within student’s quarters. It is a very simple party and cost less.

Toga party Tips

Are you a college student that needs more understanding on college toga party? Then follow the party tips below

  • Your invitation should be able to say a little on how the party will go by stating the cocktail glass and leaf Laurel Headpiece; this will probably thrill your invitees and will not want to miss it. Think of creative ideas that will make the invitation more of toga. You can also follow up the invited guests so they do not forget the date, do it online cause people use internet everyday it can be facebook, twitter or anyway you think you can remind them.
  • A costume makes party more fun and interesting. A party can never be complete without a costume so is a college toga party not complete without the toga party costumes. It doesn’t cost much to get a toga costume. You might not even spend a penny if you have a bed sheet that you are willing to use but note that you might not use the bed sheets again after the party because it will be ruin. Other things you wear along with the bed sheets are sandals and a leaf laurel headpiece.
  • Think and research on how the ancient Greek and Roman environment was; it will help in the decoration of the party location; you can surround the room much candles. Decoration is not easy but you have to do it because decoration creates a nice and beautiful atmosphere. Don’t forget it has to look more of the ancient Greece and Rome.
  • The idea food for toga party should be simple and easy to make (such as burgers), you can also try fruits. The choice of drink to serve depends on you either wine or beer. If you are to follow the ancient Rome and Greece life style it will be wine but beer was use in The Animal House.

Are you looking forward to a college toga party? I can assure you that you are going to love it but here is a suggestion for you: wear the party costumes that are theme related to toga party or put an extra cloth in a bag so that your day will not be ruined in case your toga wear tear or rip-off. So just go out there and have some fun. You can buy or hire toga party costume in this online shop.