How to Throw a Great Costume Party

A costume party also known as a fancy dress party is a kind of theme party where the entire guests dress in unique different costumes. Unlike Halloween party where the people go for trick or treat, the party is good for teenagers and adult who doesn’t like the idea of going from one neighbourhood to another. Costume parties are common during seasonal celebration and fancy events.

The costumes used at this party are unique which are either hired or personally made for the special event. Do you wish to throw a costume party? Well, all depends on your planning and we’ll help you with that; not just a party but a great one for that matter. You can turn a good party to a great and talk about party. Here are some helpful costume party ideas

Create a budget: plan your budget and try not to spend more than you budget. Write down the number of people your party venue can occupy and list out the guests you are expecting to round up the number.

Party Invitations: when you are sending the invitations, try to send nice and lovely ones. The kind of party you want to throw has being in existence for a very long time, so why not try and send the invitations in an old fashion way or use free online invitation and e-cards. You know the people you are inviting and you know the best form of sending the invitation, so decide on what you think is best. Don’t forget to include the dress code in the invitation and tell them about the award prizes for the best dress.

Choose a theme: this should come first when planning your party, choose decade’s party theme that enables the guests to dress in the decade ways of dressing from history. You can select a theme from movies, time – 1980s, 1970s, 1960s or even 1950s. If you don’t people to say the word “awkward” about your party just because your guests end up wear different theme related costume; then don’t forget to emphasize the theme chosen. Below are the lists of some theme ideas for costume party

  • Fairy Tale party
  • Ancient Cultures party
  • Pirate theme party
  • Couples theme party
  • Decade’s theme party

Party decoration: after you have chosen a theme, make your decoration to be related to the theme. For instance, if you choose time decades as your theme like 1980s; think of the decoration that will create an atmosphere for the theme related party. Centre your decoration on the theme, and remember that your decoration should say much about the theme itself. For great costume party, consider having fancy decorations.

Create a space: try to create space for activities like dancing, games, competition for the best outfits. It is always good when you have the space at the center of the party, so as to make it easy for everybody to view regardless of where they stay.

Food and drink: when we say choosing a theme helps a lot, it does because everything has to be based on the theme including food and drink. Think of the food and drinks that goes along with the theme. If you choose ancient costume party as a theme where all the guests wear old fashion outfits, then serve olden day’s food and drinks or something close to it but theme related.

Party favors: to make the party more give your guests some gift towards the end of the party as send away pack to say thank you for coming. Also give out awards for the craziest, funniest, and the fanciest outfits.

As a host, everybody will look at your dress first, so wear funny and nice costume. To make the party more exciting, ask few guests to bring something they can share with others while coming but it should be based around the theme.

Costume party, wow! What a fun great party. It’s your party enjoy it, make it a memorable one and have fun.