Mardi Gras Party – A Season Of Celebration

Mardi Gras Party is a festive season celebration which takes place before the Christian lent period. Here in this page we’ll give you information on Mardi grass party and tips on how to host a fantastic party.

Mardi Gras is a French word for shrove Tuesdays, a day before the ash Wednesday (ash Wednesday: the beginning of Christians fasting period). The Shrove Tuesday marks the last day of eating fatty food before the beginning of the lent. It is called “Mardi Gras Day” or “Fat Tuesday” in most cities. The Mardi Gras season start on the 6th of January and ends on the Mardi Gras day.

In the party, the activities include dancing, wearing costumes and masks; other activities can be added like parades and competition in sports. In this party the invited guests try to get plastic beads; and get attention when they wear the beads. What a fun party!

Mardi Gras party tips

When sending the invitation; let the invitees know the kind of party they want to attend, you can do that by designing the invitation cards with colors that are related to the party theme, so that they can prepare well for it. If you cannot provide all the beads the invitees will use due to the cost, include it in their invitation that they should bring some beads with them when coming.

Consider giving it a theme; it could be block party (neighbors are invited and the best idea decoration is to use flag and festoon), fancy dress party (here, the guests’ dresses in fairy tale costumes of bright colors), or pancake party (organize pancake eating competition).

Use bright and beautiful colors such as green, purple, and gold to decorate the party room. Decorate the table with mixed colors of decorating materials and place some items on it, may be give away items. Create a space where the guests can dance.

Ensure the guests decorate themselves with beads during the parades cause the crowd in the street will ask for something and the best thing to give out is the beads.

The best music to play in this party is either classical music or jazz; depending on the host choice. Just play what you think the guests will like.

As a host, try to prepare a very delicious food for your guests.

So many people around the world love Mardi Gras party because it creates a positive memory in their mind. It is a fun and memorable party that people will want to attend over and over again. It can also be fun especially when the guests use mask. Also try to use balloons and banners that are theme related to the party. Mardi Gras what a memorable and exciting party for you!