Middle Eastern Party – How To Get It Right

Middle Eastern party is also a Moroccan themed party. They are one of the most colorful party themes. Have you ever attended a Middle Eastern event? Are you planning to organize one? The purpose of this article is to give you the necessary information and ideas needed in organizing a great Middle East themed party. In this article we will be looking at Middle Eastern themed dressing, themed props and menus for a Middle Eastern styled event.

The Middle East is an area that covers both western Asia and North Africa. Why most of the nations in the Middle East are Arabs there are others like the Jews and the Turks. The Middle East is a land of wealth, history and resources. World history cannot be discussed without mentioning this part of the world. The major religion in the Middle East is Islam, Christianity, Judaism and Zoroastrianism.

Middle Eastern Theme Dressing Code

The dressing code of a Middle Eastern party theme is one of the unique futures that make up the party. Male quest can put on one of the following:

  • Thawb; this is an ankle length garment that usually have long sleeves like a robe.
  • Bisht; this is a long white black or brown cloak trimmed in gold that can be worn over the thawb.
  • Keffiyeh; this is a traditional headdress of the Middle Eastern people. It is made of folded square cloth wrapped into various styles.
  • Tagiyah; the tagiyah is a skullcap worn under the keffiyey to keep it in place and in style

Middle eastern women dress code includes one of the following:

  • Thawb; this is a loose long sleeved ankle length garments worn by Middle Eastern women. The neck of the thawb is usually embroiled and decorated with beads. A Salwar- cotton or silk pant is usually worn under the thawb.
  • Hijab; the hijab is a distinctive headscarf that is usually tied around the head and tucked in at the back to conceal the ladies’ hair and forehead but leave the face unveiled.

Middle east themed party dressing is another form of middle eastern party dressing code. The themed party dressing code includes the following; Bogart in Case Blanca, Lawrence of Arabia, Aladidin, Yasser Arafat, Rommle, King Fahd, Queen Nafertiti and Omar Sharif.

Middle Eastern Party Menu

If the glamour of the Middle East appeals to you then you should take a look at their party menu. You can always organise a Middle Eastern menu based on what you can afford. The Middle East menu is made up of various menu which includes the best of Moroccan cuisine, Turkish delights and Lebanese dishes. Whatever form of Middle Eastern menu you prepare, you should try to make sure it retains its exotic theme.

The menu usually starts with an appetizer which includes; hammus bi Tahina, this is a chicken pea and sesame dip. Another common appetizer is the Baba Ghannouj which is an eggplant dip and serves with pita wedges. For the main course you can serve Shish Kabab with Bulgur Pilaf and top it up with Baklava. Other menu includes;

  • Iraqi cardamom cookies
  • Iranian chelo kabob
  • Turkish Zucchini fritters
  • Middle Eastern Party Props

The major function of the props is to make the scene and atmosphere of the party to depict that of Middle East. Middle eastern party props can include friendly decor such as pillows, pastel- colour fabric and decor and other golden colour props. You can’t do without including gold ornament in your decor. Never mind you don’t have to go and buy gold, you can always make use of gold plated cups and other gold plated ornament or any fake gold.

For your table you can use fake gold cups, you can also buy gold color chocolate coins for deco and other centerpieces. Don’t forget your oil lamps, incense and cold plated teapots. Add more fun to the props by including cardboard swords covered in golden paint.

Party Music

You will surely need music at low background to set the scene for a Middle Eastern party. Music will surely add flavour and spices to the scene. In most Middle East party, music is always in low tone in exception of when the guests want to belly dance. Go for a good collection of exotic traditional music that fits the occasion.

Oh, I hope you have got enough information and ideas to organize you Middle East themed party. If you have further questions or suggestions or comment you can get to us through the form below.