Party Planning – Helping Take The Pain Out Of Your Event Planning

Party planning is the act of preparing for a party which includes budgeting, the kind of invitation to send, choosing a date, theme, and venue. It also includes decorating the venue, foods and drinks for the guests. This site will help you on how to plan your party, clean up and also give advice that are related to party planning.

To make the party a memorable one; you have to keep these things in your mind: budget, date, location, co-hosting, checklist, refreshment, who to invite, rentals, caterer hiring, and music.

There are different types of party: graduation party, birthday party, Christmas party e.t.c all have their different party planning tips and party ideas. The type of theme chosen for each party will determine if the guests will wear costume and the kind of food that will be served at the party.

If you are throwing a big party expecting a large number of guests, consider hiring a caterer that will make a very nice food; but if are hosting a small party with few guests you can make the food yourself or ask for help to cut the cost. Consider the following party planning ideas below

Create a Budget

This includes the amount of money you can afford or willing to spend and plan the party based on that amount. Are you dreaming of throwing a party but the cost is drawing you back? You can have a unique party with low cost, just plan the party and do the budgeting. List out everything you will need for the party and assign a specific amount to each. The amount you will spend on decoration, food and print invitations should be included in your budget.

Pick a Date

To every party, there is always a date. The types of party vary in time; though depending on the kind of party, you can choose a date that convenient for you. Pick a date that will be okay to party and another thing you need to consider is that the date should be okay for your guests too.

Choose a Theme

Your choice of theme matters in the party and adding a party theme makes the party more fun and unique; but you can also do without a theme, the decision is yours. If you want a theme, choose a unique theme that will thrill the guests.

Choose a Location

Choosing the party location can be a little difficult. If it’s a small party expecting few guests, you can do it in your lawn, basement or even take guests to club for the party. But if you want a big party with many guests, you have to provide shelter should in case there is change in weather. You can have the party in an event venue but you might have to pay.

Ask for Help

Don’t try to do everything yourself cause if you do, you might break down before or after the party. So why not try to ask for help? Talk to someone that has experience and take reasonable advice from them.

Create a Checklist

This is very important in party planning. List everything you will need for the party and as you are getting them, check the list. You might not know everything you will need, just list the ones you know and get the other list from neighbours or friends that have organize that type of party before.

Send out Invitations

As a host you need to know the different ways of sending invitations to the invitees. It can be in form of cards, note-cards, word of mouth, email (sends invitation through facebook, this is good if it’s a big party). You can choose the one that you like or want.


After you have chosen the theme during your party planning, get decoration materials that are related to the theme that way people will be able to understand the theme easily. Get creative and think of how to make the venue a unique and beautiful location.


The amount allocated for food in your budget should be used either you are doing it yourself or hiring a caterer just make sure the food has nice taste. Though, depending on the budget it is not advisable for the host to prepare the food because it’s stressful and takes time. You can do snacks, burgers or hotdogs for small party if you cannot serve dish food.


There are many ways of entertaining guests in a party like games, music and movies. Play music that can be dance to and it should be the party theme related. During the party, at a particular time slow songs are better played cause some guests might not want to dance or tired of dancing. Each party theme has it party game for guests to participate in. Some themes have watching movies as part of the party activities like Halloween party theme.

Party planning takes skill and hard work and don’t forget that you have to include the venue cleaning up in your plan. The venue has to be clean before the party. Remove important things that can break and start the cleaning a week before if you are hosting the party in a house.