Tips on How to Host a Great – St. Patrick’s Day

St.Patrick’s Day is an annual celebration usually observed on the 17th of March with activities like sports and parades. St.Patrick’s day is celebrated all over the world by religious people in remembrance of the well-known Patron Saint Patrick of Ireland. St.Patrick’s Day in Ireland was officially made public holiday in 1903 and since then, the people continues to celebrate the day.

People of Ireland around the world still remember to celebrate the day and other people join in such countries include United State, United Kingdom, Japan, Australia and so on. Everybody attending the celebration has at least one green item on them and probably with shamrocks because green is the colour code for St.Patrick day. Though, initially the color used on St. Patrick’s Day was blue and change to green gradually until it became the color used across the country.

St.Patricks Day is a part of college party theme. A dream day for college students to party, drink and have some fun. The party invitees’ dresses in green and drink like the Irish on the 17th of March of every year.
The phrase commonly used is the wearing of the green which means that one should wear a shamrock on his / her outfits.

St.Patricks Day Tips

Do you wish to have a wonder St.Patrick’s Day? Then follow the tips we give below to help you plan and organize a fantastic St. Patrick’s Day that can become the talk of the year.

Either you are an Irish or not, as long as you are attending the party it is important to dress in a way that speak more of the party like wearing St.Patrick’s Day T Shirts, beads and if possible paint your face. Let your dressing be much of green and your T-Shirt should carry St Patricks Day logo on it. Also wearing beads is a unique way of dressing for the party, beads draws attention and if you are somebody that likes to draw people’s attention then consider putting on beads but not too much.

As a host you need to consider using green materials for almost everything especially decoration like cups, balloons, plates, among others all in green color. Get some green construction paper and shamrocks to decorate the St.Patrick’s Day party location by taping them to the walls.

You can also get green beer from the beer distributors. Green jell-o mixed with vodka is cheap and will also be good for the party. Other drinks include Guinness beer which is the traditional Irish beer and Irish car bomb (mixture of beers); they are all good for drinking on St. Patrick’s Day

As a host you need to organize activities for the guests to participate in and make the party more fun for the invitees. The activities may include drinking competition, parades and sometimes sport competition will do. You can also put games as part of the activities, like beer pong, flip cup and other fun games that you think your guests will like.